Superneer Limited, located in Shenzhen China, expertise in doing Screws, Bolt,Nut,Washer,Rivet,Stamping Part,Turning Parts,fasteners.

Company have years of supplying high quality parts, engneer drawing, engneer design and solution in fasteners and metal parts.

High Precision Production, Fast shipping, Prompt reply which makes us highly praised by customers.

Our Parts include machine screws, Thread forming screws, SEMS screws, Anti-theft screws,Self sealing screws, Thumb screws, Standoff, Spacers,Set screws, Fan screws, Bolt,Self tapping screws,Pan head screws, Flat head screws,Button head screws, Indented hex washer screws,Pan washer screws,cheese head screws,binding head screws, Truss head screws,Round head Screws etc...

Superneer Limited

Address:   6th Floor, Building A, Renrui Logistics Building, No. 11 Shihua Road,Shenzhen Guangdong China




Joyce Lau

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